About Us

Memories in a Flash was created because the kind of memory of our guests that I wanted to capture at my own wedding, simply didn't exist within professional photographic parameters. Many of our guests were traveling from overseas to help us celebrate and I wanted to ensure that I could look at something unique from every one of them. A visual memory that I could reflect on in the future, long after enjoying our whirlwind day. Something concrete to remember family and friends who had such importance in our lives.

Combining my photographic skills and my passion for scrapbooking, Memories in a Flash evolved.

Activity has been somewhat curtailed since the arrival of our son in 2008, and twins in 2011, but I have come to realise, more than ever, how quickly moments can pass you by. Inspired, watching my eldest son enjoy "scrapbooking" as much as I do, "Happy Memories Birthday Parties" is one of the latest developments on offer. This new chapter of "Memories", is hopefully something that will delight your children as much as mine, and I look forward to expanding this option.

Xo Katrina